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Information Technical Hire
Apprentice HQ

No   college

 No  Vocational  School  No   Experience

Datum Tech offers an easy 123 Specializes  Occupation Services Hub

Step 1      Application
Step 2      Become a Certified Apprentice 
Step 3      Create Apprentice IT Professional Skillset


In addition to IT certifications, Datum Tech Academy provides virtual assistance training.

We offer individual and Corporate Training for all age groups on campus, online, hybrid, and virtual labs.

Datum Tech provides industry-recognized training and certification exams. We are proud of our apprentice program and career placement rate.


Our Staffing teams will assist Employees with the enrollment process in Georgia's Apprenticeship program.

are positioned in an on-site Help Desk position based on their skill level.

Employees' positions will grow as the employee IT  work experience increases.

Our IT recruiters and Corporate partners assist participants in obtaining the skill set for long career in IT .



Job Placement




IT Work Experience

and IT Certification

while in High School in our intern program

You can become an IT Professional before you graduate. Apprenticeship Program!

Get hands-on training  and apply for direct hire and  job

LDC Foundation, Inc. (non-profit) donations and state-funded programs make our scholarship program possible.  For more information, please visit the LDC Foundation Inc website.  WWW.LDCUSA.ORG

Datum Tech is a specialized apprentice school focusing on the occupation of Cyber Network Cisco Security apprenticeship jobs.  We provide training methods to prepare interested high school or college graduate adults for high-paying job opportunities in the corporate world.  Our apprentice can quickly accelerate your career in today's cyber network security-demanding job market

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