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Datum Tech IT Apprenticeship Program


Datum Tech offers an IT apprenticeship program that is designed to prepare people with no formal IT training for a successful career in the IT industry. Through our partnerships with several industry leaders, we offer free training and certifications in cybersecurity, networking, customer relationship management (CRM), cloud computing, and more. With our dynamic 'earn-while-you-learn' model, we'll provide paid on-the-job training so that candidates can be supported financially while they take classes and earn certifications. Read on to learn about how the process works, and how you can potentially take part in this life-changing opportunity.

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The Application Process

Step 1: Interest Form

Candidates will fill out a short form stating their interest in the program and providing some basic contact information that will be used to communicate through each stage of the application process. The interest form will also help candidates have a better idea of which of our several technical pathways they can choose from after they are admitted to the program. Upon filling out the application, our automated system will send candidates an invitation to complete a technical assessment to assess their skill level and determine their eligibility for the program.

Step 2: Technical Assessment

The purpose of the technical assessment is to assess the candidates' prior knowledge of IT fundamentals as well as their aptitude to commit to and excel in the program. While we encourage everyone to apply, we acknowledge that we do have a literacy threshold to maintain a strong retention rate for our program.

Step 3:  Offer Letter & Pre-Apprenticeship Onboarding via Egigus Platform

If the candidate meets the minimum requirements to pass the technical screening, they will be invited to perform a background check, drug screen, and to submit their resume. Continuation with the application process is contingent upon satisfactory results of the background check and drug screen. If the candidate is approved, they will be sent an offer letter confirming their admission to the apprenticeship program, and will begin their pre-apprenticeship onboarding that will last approximately 6 weeks. After the pre-apprenticeship onboarding, candidates will officially be ready to begin the apprenticeship program and on-the-job training.

The Apprenticeship Program

Apprenticeship Begins & On-the-Job-Training (OJT)

During the apprenticeship program, candidates will have the opportunity to get paid via the OJT, which will provide candidates with a paid, part-time work-from-home opportunity that will enable them to take in-person classes at our facility and work remotely on their own schedule. Our classes are held on a rolling basis, and are designed to help candidates prepare for the certification exams of their choosing. 

Questions About Our Process?

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 Job Placement During the Program

Candidates will be placed in jobs with our partner company, Arise, while progressing through the apprenticeship program. Arise provides contract positions with Cisco and GoDaddy, among many others. As candidates complete classes and obtain more certifications, their earning-potential within our job-placement system will increase. This means that as you become more skilled as you train in our program, you'll have the opportunity to make more money. Please be advised that, on-average, completion of the program requires a 2-year commitment. However, some exceptions may apply. 

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