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The SC-900 exam focuses on the fundamental concepts of Microsoft Azure Security, Compliance, and Identity. This certification covers essential topics related to security, compliance, and identity management within the Azure ecosystem.

Here are some key details about the SC-900 exam:

  • Passing Score: You need to achieve a score of 700 or higher.
  • Languages: The exam is available in multiple languages, including English, Spanish, German, Chinese (Simplified), French, Korean, Japanese, Portuguese (Brazil), Russian, Arabic (Saudi Arabia), and Chinese (Traditional).
  • Price: The exam price varies based on the country or region where it is proctored, but it’s approximately $99.68 USD.

To prepare for the exam, you have two options:

  • Microsoft Virtual Training Day: Attend a virtual training event to become eligible for a voucher-less exam discount. After completing the event, you’ll receive a link to access your discount within 90 days.
  • Purchase an Exam Voucher: If you prefer, you can directly purchase an exam voucher by calling customer service at 866-963-9316.

Remember, the SC-900 certification provides a solid foundation for understanding security and compliance principles in the Azure environment. Good luck with your exam preparation! 🌟📚

SC-900: Microsoft Azure Security, Compliance & Identity One Exam-Voucher

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