Non-Profit Adult IT Apprenticeship Program

We pride ourselves in providing world-class Information Technology job training programs for disadvantaged, handicapped, and disabled veteran students of all ages. This is made possible by LDC Foundation, Inc. (non-profit) donations and state ran programs. For more information please see our available programs or contact us today!

Georgia Workforce approved IT training. CompTIA Authorized Partner.

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Non-Profit Youth Program

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Adult & Youth Apprenticeship Program Monthly

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Georgia High School  IT Pre-Apprentice  

                              Dual Enrollment

Earn Cloud Essential Certification  While in High School credits while you're in school and have a job waiting for you when you graduate with our Apprenticeship Program!

*Not all students will qualify for specific internship and apprenticeship programs. Please contact our admissions office for more information on what you may qualify for.

Our Mission

We strive to better understand the needs of companies and recruiters to provide relevantly trained professionals to the workforce. We work to dynamically change as the information technology field changes and adapt our programs accordingly. The goal is to never provide out-dated delivery to our students and produce work-ready professionals.

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About Datum Tech

We believe in making a Difference!

Datum Technology Academy is an educational facility that specializes in providing top certifications in the Information Technology field. We work closely with State Workforce programs and business owners to address the skill sets needed for the in today's fast-paced IT environments.

In addition to IT certifications, Datum Tech Academy provides virtual assistance training. We offer individual and Corporate Training for all age groups on campus and online in Late 2020.

Datum Tech is a vocational school that provides industry-recognized training and certification exams. We are proud of our apprentice program and career placement rate.

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Upcoming Classes

Work while you Learn in the Classroom and On the Job

The following classes start the week of June  19th, 2020! The time to start is NOW! These courses are on campus at our Stone Mountain location and will be available online in late 2020 for workforce and business training programs. More information soon! Contact Admissions at the bottom of the site for more information on how to enroll or join the online training waiting list for you or your company.

We offer both online & Instructor - Led one day a week!

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IT Fundamentals

CompTIA IT Fundamentals

Cloud Essentials

CompTIA Cloud Essentials


CompTIA A+

Network +

CompTIA Network +

Cyber - Security

CompTIA Security +

24 +  or Older

16 - 24 Youth Internship Certification

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Adult & Youth Enrollment Guidelines

Datum Tech is part of Georgia Workforce's program to provide training to adults returning to the workforce. Financial assistance may be available to qualified students. Please use the form at the bottom of the page and admissions will contact you with more information about Workforce programs in your state.

Costs & Subsidies

While there are no traditional educational requirements to enrolling, we recommend a high school diploma or college degree. We find successful students possess at least a 12th-grade reading, writing, and math comprehension due to the advanced nature of IT training. If you have any questions please use the form at the bottom of the page and admissions can discuss your unique situation.

Academic Requirements

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must read / Math  HS 10 grade + Level

Require Credit Recovery call us today!

Now Hiring

Computer - IT Apprentice Support Representative Remote Position

Entry Level Position No experience in networks or software development

• A strong desire for understanding cybersecurity or Big Data. Willingness to learn information systems products and services to assist customers on technical matters

• Able to interact with professional teams. 

• Understand the Technical work environment • Knowledgeable in basic computer skills

• Able to recognize, research, isolate, and resolve information system problems

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Come Join our Apprentice Team!   Become An Computer - IT Network Cyber Security Professional in 18 months

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Datum Technical Academy always has its doors open. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with any questions regarding our academics, events, students, staff or anything else.

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IT Fundamentals

Cloud Essentials+




Upcoming Late 2020;

Microsoft Azure

Amazon AWS

Palo Alto Networks (PCNSA)

High School outreach

High School A Block Schedule


Enrollment Process

Professional Center

Datum Technical Academy is an IT Apprenticeship Program. That means you will be working as you learn! Students enrolled through Georgia's Workforce program are positioned in an on-site Help Desk position based on the student's skill level. This position will grow over time as the student works with local recruiters and business owners to obtain a skill level to join their teams. For a list of upcoming classes please scroll down to "Upcoming Classes and Events". Use the form at the bottom of the site to get in contact with admissions.

Fast Paced Training


Our programs focus on entry-level to advanced, vendor-neutral certifications offered by CompTIA. During each class, we also provide "supplemental training" straight from vendors such as Microsoft and AWS. This allows the student to not only receive industry-standard training in Information Technology theory but the practice application of that theory through the supplemental training. While the goal is to pass the test, the real achievement comes from having skills to advance your career or enter the workforce! If you're ready to take the next step contact us at the bottom of the page to get started!